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Allotment to the NSCAA All-Region and All-America teams is determined by the number of NSCAA member coaches within each state.  Pennsylvania is entitled to a certain number of players based on that membership total. Each state is required to rank its allotted players and submit the list to the All-America Chairman of the NSCAA.  In Pennsylvania we use the All-State team as a base list. Some leagues are not included on the All-America ballot because they do not submit names by the November 1 deadline. Thus, some outstanding players do not appear on the All-America ballot but will be recognized on the All-State team.  Once ranked, players are verified by checking to see if their coach is an NSCAA member.  The coach is then responsible to submit the information about their player to the NSCAA through the NSCAA website..

In Pennsylvania, the PSCA has decided upon a ballot system involving a number of high school coaches geographically distributed throughout the state. Open communication and evaluation of players between the committee members is encouraged.  The coaches are asked to rank the top players in order.  Ballots are then returned to the All-State Chairman. The ballots are tallied and then the players are ranked based on the votes received.  This list is then forwarded to the national regional chairman for publication and notification. The coaches whose player is selected must be a member of the National Soccer Coaches Association and then register the player on-line with the NSCAA to complete the selection process.

If additional information is needed about these procedures, please feel free to contact the appropriate Chairman of the All-State Committee:


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